Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lorraine's commercial demo

This morning, a good friend asked me to re-post my commercial demo. Here is a short sample of a few commercials I have done.... just click on the play tab on the gray bar below. It fades in from black.


Lauren Zabaneh said...

Lorriane! I loved the demo. so cool! you have such a great voice. And it was fun to see your accomplishments. I really enjoyed the poem dedicated to your mom. It touched me deeply. It reminds me of me and my grandma. She didn't have a stroke but her dementia left her without remembering words. So she would do the clapping thing too when she would see me. Very special. Thanks for following me. I will be sure to follow you too!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks Lauren!
I'm so glad we are able to share these things with each other. I'm glad you had that special relationship with your grandma! It is such a sad devestating disease, but the fact that they did still recognize us is truly a gift!
I appreciate your encouragement. Looking forward to more fun times with you!

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