Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you have a bucket list?

Would you share your list with me?

Is there something great you want to do...

Something grand you'd like to see?

Grab your list of great ta da's...step out of your comfort zone,

Keep a record of accomplishments regardless of their size,

You'll be amazed at how you've grown...

You'll see the world through new eyes!

Did you make a "ta da list" for your life...things to check off one by one?

Until your done?

Until you've learned so much, reached for the stars, gasped in wonder at a sight unseen?

Just what is your biggest dream?

Will you share that wish with me?

Lorraine Brown (copyright 2010)

Recently, I had a fun conversation with a dear friend regarding some of the things we would like to do...our "bucket lists", if you will.   What fun it is to hear what others want to do...what plans, hopes, dreams, goals they have!  I was amazed to see that my friend and I had many of the same items on our lists!  I'm hoping we can check our lists eventually...finding that we've checked off many of the items with a big "TA DA"!!!  My list is rather long that, at times, I believe if I want to get everything checked off, there won't be time to sleep. Well then...

I’ll sleep when I die                           

Time doesn’t stand still,
So why should I,
Got too much to do,
I’ll sleep when I die.

Gotta live, work & play,
Before the sun sets,
Gotta live for today,
Don’t want regrets.

Want to travel the world by air land and sea,
Read lots of books, lounge on the beach,
Ski the black diamond, fly an airplane,
Sail a catamaran in the south of Spain,

Learn a few new languages, write book or two,
Become the best gourmet cook you ever knew!
Learn to play the guitar, write a country song,
About a life well lived…Get the world to sing along…
My list is soooo long!

Yep, time doesn’t stand still,
So why should I,
Got so much to do,
I’ll sleep when I die.

Wanna dance like Ginger Rogers & Fred Astair,
Live every single day with out a care!
Laughin’, learnin’, breathin’ it all in,
Oh, how I wish this was just the beginnin’!

Hey maybe I’ll invent a way,
To make time slow down and lengthen the day,
‘Cuz time goes too fast to live, work AND play!

Then if I sleep till noon,
There’ll still be time,
And I won’t feel as if sleep is a crime.

But for now…
Time won’t stand still,
So why should I,
There’s too much to do, I’ll sleep when I die!
(written by Lorraine Brown copyright 2007)

:)  Did I mention that I want to learn Italian?!   :)
I'd love to visit Tuscany! 
("È una bella città.")

Do you have a "TA DA" list?
If you do...

Just what is your biggest dream?

Will you share that wish with me?


Chef Dennis said...

I must admit I don't have a bucket list, It is something I should do......number one for now would be to get back to Paris, I do miss traveling and Paris will always be my favorite destination (as much as I love Italy)

mangiabella said...

you have to know how much this post made me smile, the poem ROCKS and I've been thinking so much about our "bucket lists" since we spoke! I think my biggest dream is the mega trip to Italy/Greece :)

but there are many smaller items that are on that list that are attainable even sooner! remind me to email you about how PROVIDENCE might be orchestrating a trip to the Napa Valley for me and my honey next June!!

In the meantime, there are a few items I may be able to check off very soon, will share more soon!!! xoxo

Hipstir Fresh Cooking said...

you are a wonderful writer my dear!! So talented =] One thing I want to do is throw a huge benefit concert giving all the proceeds to a childrens shelter.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Kiwi! That gives me goosebumps! You are a beautiful soul! I know you will do that benefit!
Thanks for the "snapps"! :)

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks Dennis and Jaime,
I'm sure you will also check off your wishes! :) said...

Wow.....I would join you in Italy, I was in Sicily last year, visiting my roots,with my father, a dream trip. I would visit all of Europe, teach a college class, and travel the country. Be a missionary and in Africa. I often forget to dream, thank you for causing me to look beyond the circumstances, and share my dreams with My Lord!

I'll meet you on the Piazza!

Stacy said...

HI Lorraine, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. I always love meeting new people in this crazy blogland. This post reminded me of the reality show called the "Buried Life." My cousin is actually the executive producer on it and they got picked up for a second season. I only watched it once, to cheer him on....but that is the premise...having a bucket list and these boys go around the country not only fulfilling their bucket list, but paying it forward and helping others fulfill theirs. It is a neat premise!

I've never had a true bucket list, but have some places I would love to visit someday! Keep embracing each day, knowing it is truly a gift from God.

Looking forward to hearing from your heart more and getting to know you.

Stacy said...

Your poem should be turned into a hit song! I know a wonderful musician who writes,if you're interested! I love your concept: turn dreams through a life-time of work into a "ta-da" list. The main dream I have is to write a book. I have it half finished,have an agent,had a publisher who because of the economy cut half their promises. So,I need to keep writing,keep speaking,keep praying, and wait for the Lord to open a window. Thanks for the motivational push to keep working!

Karena said...

Adore that poem and I have always wanted to visit France and The Louvre in Paris.

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

Art by Karena

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