Friday, December 31, 2010


Life is filled with so many choices…

A New Year approaches…
A New Start is available to me…
What --- Oh What Shall I Choose?....

After a time of solitude this morning, I was thinking about the road (s) that I’ve traveled in this life….about the twists and turns….wondering why I made certain choices which caused me to detour a few times throughout my youth. Some choices were good…some, not so good.

There were times as a young, single person searching for my place in life that I found myself in the presence of a type of “fast lane”, or maybe more appropriately called, "social ladder" ??? 

Even so, as temptations arose, I am glad to say that for the most part I chose to stay true to the values I was raised with...(like "pride comes from doing what is right"; and "pretty is as pretty does"; and as my grandma would say: "show me your friends and I'll show you what you are"). As a result, I wasn't the most “popular” girl and usually not one of the “in-crowd”. Did that bother me? Maybe on occasion. Maybe I would have liked to have been included a bit more…
 But when you come right down to it, there is a difference between
“standing out” and “fitting in”.
While on my self appointed path, I kept feeling a tug at my heart. Not knowing exactly what it was, I continued my journey, seeking the reason for this tug. Nothing satisfied. The detours just steered me further away from God but that familiar tug would return from time to time. I felt as though the choices I was making were not leading me to where my heart desired.  The gentle "tug" still present, I felt as though someone was telling me:
“God loves you even when you don’t know how to love. He gives you the best gifts even when you can’t give. He loved you before he made the world….why would he stop now? He won’t! But, it’s your choice. He waits there on the road to life…waiting to shower you with love and affection. No captive ever feels loved…they feel possessed….owned. So He waits….however eagerly…for you to choose Him.”

So...I chose... to call out to God...and ...

He came.

He didn’t join me there on the detour, but He took my hand and led me to the road my feet were created to walk on…the road which gives true life; life eternal; life abundant; grace; freedom; salvation; promise! I began to discover the real joy of the journey of life!

The entire time, He was waiting in the wings! I think a part of me knew it all along…but I thought I had a better plan.  I didn't...

"For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'
'Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."   
(Jeremiah 29:11-13)

His patience is amazing…As is His grace!  How grateful I am!

Standing in the Wings

I woke up this morning to a feeling deep inside…
A voice within me said there is nowhere else to hide,
Offering me comfort if I’m ready to accept,
Asking me to let go of the sorrows that I’ve kept.

I can’t believe how years flew by before I noticed you…
Your arms stretched out to catch me when I fall,
And though the times I’ve managed to spend with you were few,
You stood by with patience to answer when I call.

Why would you want my burdens?
Why would you want my fears?
Why would you want to bear my pain?
Why would you want my tears?

You want to lift me from my desperation,
Despite the fact I’ve made no room for you…
You want to give my path illumination,
And show me what is good and pure and true.

My life was filled with things of little value.
Yet I clung to them as if they all were gold,
I turned my ears away from truth and wisdom,
And forgot about the good things I was told.

I wandered off without a purpose or direction,
And wasted years on chasing empty dreams,
I made no time for true reflection,
Just spinned my wheels devising sordid schemes,
And years flew by before I ever noticed,
You were standing right beside me in the wings.

I can’t believe how years flew by before I noticed you…
Your arms stretched out to catch me when I fall,
And though the times I managed to spend with you were few,
You stood by with patience to answer when I call.

I’m so grateful for your patience ~ you never left at all!

(written by Lorraine Brown ~ Copyright 2006)


When you are touched by Love of this magnitude…when you have felt it…when you understand it…when it penetrates your heart, 
You want to give it.
You want to be the good that runs through His veins…
You want good to live throughout your life and never cease.

(written by Lorraine Brown)


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Beautiful...and as I came to the end with the beautiful sun rise...I said, yes Lord A new day, a new show us the way through your light!
Happy New Years!!
Thanks for letting me come by and read your inspiring writing....may all the glory go to Him!

Toyin O. said...

Amen Lorraine! What an awesome testimony, so glad you allowed God to take your hand and lead you in the right direction. It is true that when you find a love so deep, you can not help, but share it. I certainly felt the love of Christ thru your peom and writing.

Thank you so much for praying for me, I can always use prayer. I am ever so grateful for your faithful visits and gracious comments. I am also glad that God brought you into my life. Have a blessed New Year! Xoxoxo

mangiabella said...

oh Lorraine, thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection, and this incredible poem....your friendship has transcended to true sisterhood, and I am forever changed because of it! Your light has shined brightly in my life in ways I find it difficult to describe..."The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day”
(Proverbs 4:18, NLT) - Happy New Year Sweet Bella Princess Lorraine!!! Here's to the next adventure...

JillAileenJones said...

I found you through Janette's blog which I have been following since I first started blogging about a year ago now and I just adore her. Today I spotted your comment on her blog and clicked on it to come over here and read your blog-so glad I did. What a great post-so I kept reading-more great posts. I am now a follower too-can't wait to go back and read more and see what 2011 will inspire you to write. Beautifully written poetry too-I am looking forward to following your blog.
So glad I stopped by.
Happy New Year-blessings for 2011!

Monet said...

Such a wonderful way to start the new year...a reminder of God's grace, love and power. I needed to read this today. You have blessed me in so many...your thoughtful posts, beautiful photographs and kind comments bring me joy. Thank you for sharing this with us. Many blessings and much hope for the New Year!

Shawnee said...

Such a wonderful testimony and story. I love Jeremiah 29:11-13 it was given to me for graduation and I have carried that verse with me throughout my life. I pray you 2011 is richly blessed!

Marie said...

Thank you for your continuing words... you have a flow about you/your words, it is nice. Also, thank you for your words to me, they are always an encouragement. Have a blessed and Happy New Year. I know that I am glad to see 2010 behind me, and I pray for 2011 and my family. Again, thank you... Marie Z.

{ Marigold } said...

wow Lorraine, amazing poem and beautiful reflection... thank you for finding my blog so i could find yours. i have been truly inspired and touched by you...have a glorious new year~!

Leslie Parmley said...

Praise God for directing our paths and wooing us back into His perfect will when our eyes see something we think we want. He is enough! Your words encourage me and your poetry has inspired the first day of 2011 for me!

Kim said...

"He didn’t join me there on the detour, but He took my hand and led me to the road my feet were created to walk on…"

I love this...all of it...and especially this part.

Thanks for introducing yourself over at my place today, Lorraine. I'm glad to have found you and look forward to following along with you!

Susi said...

Hi Lorraine, you have a nice blog! Regarding choices, my sister isn't a Christian but she has some wisdom words... you choose who you want to be. You choose what you think about yourself and others, and how you look at things. I absolutely love the quote in the beginning there, "pride comes from doing what is right". I must memorize that one!! Have a great Sunday!

Quay Po Cooks said...

Lorraine, what great post to start the New Year! Inspiring poem! Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Hello Lorriane.. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Karen from I come to you via my blogging friend Janette..and I just wanted to say HI,, I enjoyed your post.
I hope you will get a chance to stop by and visit me some time as well.
Have a blessed and wonderfully God filled 2011

Anne said...

That was a beautiful post Lorraine.. spoke straight to the heart.

You stopped by my blog via incourage the other day and I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment.

Nice to meet you and I am sure we will be seeing each other again.

Anne @

Louise | Italy said...

A beautiful new year's post. Food for thought. Happy 2011 from faraway Italy.

The Mom Chef said...

Greetings, friend. It's the end of a long, trying day for me and I stopped by here simply to get inspiration. Your words and pictures usually move me in some way. Sure enough, I feel a peace that only can flow from God now. Thank you for sharing the thoughts you did and including those photos. Together it all gave exactly what I needed in this moment. Blessings to you, sweet lady.

OceanDreams said...

beautiful post and i love your passion for God and how He has really revealed Himself to you in your life! right now i'm in a place where i feel like i'm not sure which direction to go towards or which type of career path to take, but i'm confident that God loves me no matter what the road takes me towards...thank you for your honesty and your sweetness in your posts and comments! xo!

Joy McMillan said...

Breath-takingly beautiful. And the photos are lovely too! :) What a gift you have with words, a modern-day David. I felt as though I was reading the Psalms. Celebrating His astonishing faithfulness and sweetness with you, sweet sister!

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