Monday, June 28, 2010

Stars Shine and Stripes Remind

As the Fourth of July approaches, I find myself reflecting on the beauty of this country and the freedoms we can sometimes take for granted. I think about the fun celebrations of picnics, parades, and all American hot dogs and apple pie! We have so much to be thankful for; blessed by the bounty of this rich good times and in bad.

Originally, I wanted to simply share my "patriotic pie" recipe with you...which I'll be so excited to post when it's finished...But...

First, I feel the need to pause and honor the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom, as well as those who fought in generations past...some sacrificed their lives so that we could live...some still alive. All fought for freedom's sake! I'm thankful for those still with us to celebrate Independence Day! I'm also grateful to those who loved their country enough to sacrifice to preserve this great land! God Bless You ALL...And God Bless America...Sweet Land of Liberty!

Stars shine and stripes remind

The stars shine bright...
In the darkness of a foxhole,
Or in the glow of celebratory light…
By the fireworks we ignite.
Some forget just what happened in the dead of night,
As the stripes remind us of their wounds,
And blood shed for freedom’s sake,
Today, as well as yesterday…
Make no mistake
Of the sacrifice they make,
While children play,
And music serenades,
As the marching band
Leads our parade...

Let us not forget,
Let us not delay,
Our gratitude to those
Whose coffins lay...
Draped in our flag while taps play.
Let's not hesitate to give thanks
And to celebrate...
The freedoms won by our strong and brave
Of every race and every age...
May we never forget the sacrifice they made.
We salute them we bow
Our heads for grace,
And we take our place...
At the bountiful table
Preserved for us by a remembered face...
Some with us now,
And some we will wait to embrace!

(written by Lorraine Brown/copyright 06/28/10)

God bless those who have served, and those who serve now~~~God bless America!


mangiabella said...

lorraine! i have chills...this is such a tribute to the freedoms we have and the sacrifices that have been made - you know what, this would be an awesome song too! oh, and i can't wait to see your patriotic pie!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thank you so much, Bella! Have a blessed "Independence Day"! I'll be posting the "patriotic pie" soon. Hope you'll stop back by! :)

Julie said...

Great poem Lorraine!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks Julie!
I hope you have a great Independence Day! I'll look forward to talking with you soon!
Have fun with the kids this week-end!

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