Friday, April 1, 2011

Live in Color

Do you ever feel like you are viewing life
in black and white... 

but you hope that you just might
wake up

and see the world in a brand
new light?

That's how I felt today.  My innermost heart has been groaning for springtime weather to arrive.  March felt like a very long month...of cold, frozen mud!  My mood began to feel like I was stuck in the mire.

This morning, I awakened to bright sunshine, birds singing and children playing outside my window!  I thought...could it possibly be warm enough for the children to be running freely and the birds to  be sharing such a happy song?!

For a moment, I imagined that I'd pull back the curtains and see summertime...Perhaps I've been hibernating and  unaware; all the doldrums are now gone and in an instant, the air is fresh, warm, and fully alive! 
Ahhhh, if only! 

But the view outside my window revealed that it's not time yet. 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for
and certain of what we do not see."
(Hebrews 11:1)

As the sunshine massaged my shoulders during my afternoon stroll, the colors of nature appeared more vivid to me than yesterday!  I felt as if God was giving me new eyes to see. Yesterday, everything was brown and gray.  Today, the brown tones of the lawns were turning just a bit green, and while the trees are still bare, there was slightly more color all around me.  Daffodils are struggling to emerge from beneath the surface, but I saw the tiny sprouts.  Soon, a landscape of the vivid colors of nature will be dancing before my eyes. Yes, a full spectrum of color!!! 

I thought of the wizard of Oz....the movie begins in black and white....but as Dorothy crosses over into the land of Oz, the brick road becomes a
bright streets of gold!  She awakens, surrounded by technicolor fields of splendor!

In my little world,

It's April....

but still feels like March....

as if I'm in a fever induced black and white silent movie slumber.  

yet....I feel a burst of color ready to explode onto the scene...

just around the corner!

Until then, one day at a time...

I watch the transformation and I sigh at the promise of a future!

"His purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour, The bud may have a bitter taste, But sweet will be the flower."
(William Cowper)


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is soooooooo true, I love how you brought it to life. All week was cold and overcast, today we got out and we did have sunshine and the birds were is now 84 degrees! I just kept thanking God for the new season and how much I do enjoy sun! It makes it even more precious that my enjoyment of sun is a gift from the Son!

mangiabella said...

bella bella, your imagery draws me in deep ~ I can feel the sunshine massaging MY shoulders as I read! The photos are such a profound illustration of that season of gray turning into life and bursting with color - I am a firm believer that the Spring wouldn't be so glorious without that season of gray preceding it...I love this closing quote, nothing before it's time!

The Mom Chef said...

His promises are new every morning, aren't they.

This is also a good reminder to me of why I left that area. I love the seasons but prefer less of winter and more of the rest. Our azaleas and dogwoods are getting ready to bloom, which will explode our little piece of earth in a riot of color.

Kelly Combs said...

Hi Lorrianne! I totally get what you are saying today. It has been a long cold winter, and I too am ready for spring!

I am so glad to get to know you in the blogging world. I appreciate your comments on my blog, you always have an encouraging word. Thanks!

Toyin O. said...

I so love what you are trying to potray here Lorraine:) I am dying to see Spring too!! Boy, has it been a long winter. God works the same way in us, he gradually takes us from our wintry days to spring days; but we can always look at him to see the picture of the beautiful days he has for us. We just have to patient and wait for our spring to arrive.

Deborah said...

Lorraine, I understand..and like you, I can barely wait for the unvealing of colour and life!
I always loved that part in the wizard of is breath-taking!
Have a great week !!!

Deborah xoxo

Deborah Ann said...

Well the Wizard seems to have skipped the Midwest in His handiwork this year. At this point, I'm hoping the snow will melt by June. Blah, blah blah. However (add italics) I really love a foggy dismal day - so I can vegetate by the fire and marsh my mellow. It's all good!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Resurrection is just around the corner! We are an Easter people; so glad to be walking the road with you.


Karen said...

Oh my friend.. I so know what you mean.. I was saying the other day, when we had 2or 3 days of rain.. that if I lived in a place that i was snowed in or it rained all the time,, I would be the first one to get depression..I found a few years ago, tranquility and an experience with God at the beach, and just walking along it,,or just marveling at his works in how the stops each wave,,just at the right time and place, and when I was going trhough a rough time in my life the only way I felt i could survive was to go experience that,, now I dont know what to do when that is not an option due to weather..
so I can relate to your black and white and many shades of gray feeling..but we know God always put some glimer of sunshine /flower/childs laugh/smile////Hope in our life.. we just have to look for it ..
So glad you are amped up for Spring...

Cherie Hill said...

Your poetry is just so amazing sister . . . what a gift you've been given. Keep going . . . you're touching, opening, inspiring, and deepening hearts everywhere!

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