Saturday, March 20, 2010

March madness and the juxtaposition of spring v. winter!

Isn't nature amazing?! Yesterday, I was celebrating the final demise of the ever shrinking snowball. It started as a very large mound of snow outside my window and slowly melted day after day with the gradual warming and the arrival of "almost" springtime. Here I am today, the first day of spring, looking out my windows at another picturesque winter landscape - the backdrop to the pink and white tulips I purchased yesterday and placed in the sunny window which formerly showcased the lingering snowball I was obsessed with. Yesterday, people donned shirt sleeves and smiles in the nearly 70 degree sunshine. The ground was dry, and although not yet fully alive, the grass is becoming green in spots; the barren trees were showing promise with the beginning of a few tiny buds. The smiling faces I observed showed the hope and promise of new life beginning to emerge from behind nature's door. What better way to celebrate than to buy myself a bouquet of tulips...and a small bouquet of daffodils which are happily poised in my mothers white ceramic teapot on my kitchen counter, adding a splash of sunshine to the room! In my living room, next to where I usually sit in the evening, I also placed a pot of pink hyacinths near the sofa, so that I could smell their hypnotic fragrance as I relax. I guess I can say that despite this March tease...and this return of snow on the first day of spring, I can ignore what is going on outside my window because springtime is flourishing inside my sanctuary. I can also say that maybe I would prefer to enjoy the juxtaposition of spring verses winter. I have to admit there is something beautiful and pure about the new snowfall as the backdrop to the vases of springtime on this side of the window. I can also say this because the promise of springtime is real...and I know that this temporary setback is just that...temporary! Hope Springs Eternal!

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Anonymous said...

It was fun following your journey with the shrinking snowball! Here's to spring!
I'll look forward to your next adventure!

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