Monday, March 15, 2010

The shrinking snow boulder and daylight savings time

The white snow boulder is a little smaller today! As I write this, I can't help did I become obsessed with this silly thing!

When I got home from work today, I noticed the nagging snow boulder outside my window had shrunk a bit. The weather is gradually warming and day after day, little by little, winter is going away albeit, at a snails pace. Even so, it is nice to get home while it is still light outside! I'm grateful that the days are getting longer! I am also grateful to my husband for always remembering to change the clocks when we need to set them back or ahead. I'm sure I would forget! He is so good about making sure each and every clock is changed. So good...that he changes them at 6 p.m. instead of waiting until bedtime. He writes himself a note, and puts it in a place where he knows he will see it and, like clockwork (pardon the pun), he goes through the house and the cars and sets each clock ahead appropriately. He is so efficient!

I do have one complaint diligent (some may say "anal") as my sweetheart is...I'm really messed up from 6p.m. until bedtime on clock-changing Saturday! Every time I look at the clock, I think it is an hour later than it actually is...I look through the t.v. guide to see what's on and I'm looking at the wrong time slots... I glance at the clock and think, "isn't it amazing, it's so late and I'm really not tired"! I mention in the kindest way, "you've got me all goofed up again" and he just smiles at my frustration.

There is one other thing he does that feels like a dirty trick (actually, it is a dirty trick)... he has come up with the notion that if he also changes the minutes on the clock, and makes them, oh - say 10 minutes fast, then maybe I'll be fooled into thinking it is 10 minutes later and actually be ready on time for a change! I don't know why he doesn't realize that I am on to him and that as I am getting ready, I am able to do the math! I am able to deduct 10 minutes from the clock and figure out what time it really is!~Duh!

All these mind games...and for that he won't have to stand by the door with his coat on for 10 minutes, exclaiming "c'mon, let's go - we should have left already!"  Too bad he ended up with a wife that can do the math!

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