Sunday, March 14, 2010

March...the only way to April

March…the month of mud. My least favorite month. Everything seems so gray….damp…gloomy...muddy…sloppy…depressing...and …I think I’ve said enough!

I discovered an interesting phenomenon outside my window. The snow is finally melted, with the exception of one white, boulder- sized clump along our front path. I am wondering why that giant snowball is hanging on…and how?!

Last week, the temperature climbed into the 50’s, with one beautiful 60 degree day and the last signs of winter melted away. Yet, today, I looked out my office window to see one giant snowball lying at the end of the sidewalk. It must be in just the right spot with no sunshine and just enough plantings surrounding it to keep it cool…enough to linger on a while longer, and just within my eyesight, so that I’ll see it every time I glance out the window – a cruel reminder that it is still winter. I feel much different now than I did on that beautiful snow day right after Christmas. I'm over winter now.

Meanwhile, the rest of the melted snow has left behind very soggy grounds. My little dog with her undercarriage so close to the ground, is covered in mud after her daily walk. I think it’s time to buy stock in baby wipes, because we must use at least a dozen to clean her body and remove the mud from between her toes each time we come inside. What must she be thinking as I make her stand still for this daily ritual? I’m sure she will be just as thrilled to see summer arrive as I will.

As much as I dislike the month of March, I have to admit that it also brings with it a feeling of hope….a small glimpse of spring appears as the first crocuses peek out from beneath the soil. The days are getting longer and, of course, we set our clocks ahead. Oh how I love daylight savings time! Spring is near and, along with the new growth, I’m also coming back to life. I hibernated through the winter months, writing poetry, cooking, baking and nesting.

It is almost time to awaken to the new life all around me and go outside. I say almost because I still see that one big lonely clump of snow sitting there…hanging on… not wanting to leave…as if to say... "not yet my dear. I’m not done with you yet"!

I’m perplexed by that one hanger on. I’ll let you know how long it lasts.  I think…when it is completely melted…I can mark the official end of winter!

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