Saturday, March 20, 2010

March madness and the juxtaposition of spring v. winter!

Isn't nature amazing?! Yesterday, I was celebrating the final demise of the ever shrinking snowball. It started as a very large mound of snow outside my window and slowly melted day after day with the gradual warming and the arrival of "almost" springtime. Here I am today, the first day of spring, looking out my windows at another picturesque winter landscape - the backdrop to the pink and white tulips I purchased yesterday and placed in the sunny window which formerly showcased the lingering snowball I was obsessed with. Yesterday, people donned shirt sleeves and smiles in the nearly 70 degree sunshine. The ground was dry, and although not yet fully alive, the grass is becoming green in spots; the barren trees were showing promise with the beginning of a few tiny buds. The smiling faces I observed showed the hope and promise of new life beginning to emerge from behind nature's door. What better way to celebrate than to buy myself a bouquet of tulips...and a small bouquet of daffodils which are happily poised in my mothers white ceramic teapot on my kitchen counter, adding a splash of sunshine to the room! In my living room, next to where I usually sit in the evening, I also placed a pot of pink hyacinths near the sofa, so that I could smell their hypnotic fragrance as I relax. I guess I can say that despite this March tease...and this return of snow on the first day of spring, I can ignore what is going on outside my window because springtime is flourishing inside my sanctuary. I can also say that maybe I would prefer to enjoy the juxtaposition of spring verses winter. I have to admit there is something beautiful and pure about the new snowfall as the backdrop to the vases of springtime on this side of the window. I can also say this because the promise of springtime is real...and I know that this temporary setback is just that...temporary! Hope Springs Eternal!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The ground is clear

returning to the earth
the snowball
lingers no more

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a snowball

Another beautiful day in the upper 50's and the incredible shrinking snow mound is about snowball size now! I think it could be gone by tomorrow! We are supposed to have a couple more glorious days this week. Soon the spirea shrubs will no longer look like tumble weed. Instead, they will be completely green and filled with beautiful pink budding flowers! Can't wait!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The shrinking snow boulder and daylight savings time

The white snow boulder is a little smaller today! As I write this, I can't help did I become obsessed with this silly thing!

When I got home from work today, I noticed the nagging snow boulder outside my window had shrunk a bit. The weather is gradually warming and day after day, little by little, winter is going away albeit, at a snails pace. Even so, it is nice to get home while it is still light outside! I'm grateful that the days are getting longer! I am also grateful to my husband for always remembering to change the clocks when we need to set them back or ahead. I'm sure I would forget! He is so good about making sure each and every clock is changed. So good...that he changes them at 6 p.m. instead of waiting until bedtime. He writes himself a note, and puts it in a place where he knows he will see it and, like clockwork (pardon the pun), he goes through the house and the cars and sets each clock ahead appropriately. He is so efficient!

I do have one complaint diligent (some may say "anal") as my sweetheart is...I'm really messed up from 6p.m. until bedtime on clock-changing Saturday! Every time I look at the clock, I think it is an hour later than it actually is...I look through the t.v. guide to see what's on and I'm looking at the wrong time slots... I glance at the clock and think, "isn't it amazing, it's so late and I'm really not tired"! I mention in the kindest way, "you've got me all goofed up again" and he just smiles at my frustration.

There is one other thing he does that feels like a dirty trick (actually, it is a dirty trick)... he has come up with the notion that if he also changes the minutes on the clock, and makes them, oh - say 10 minutes fast, then maybe I'll be fooled into thinking it is 10 minutes later and actually be ready on time for a change! I don't know why he doesn't realize that I am on to him and that as I am getting ready, I am able to do the math! I am able to deduct 10 minutes from the clock and figure out what time it really is!~Duh!

All these mind games...and for that he won't have to stand by the door with his coat on for 10 minutes, exclaiming "c'mon, let's go - we should have left already!"  Too bad he ended up with a wife that can do the math!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March...the only way to April

March…the month of mud. My least favorite month. Everything seems so gray….damp…gloomy...muddy…sloppy…depressing...and …I think I’ve said enough!

I discovered an interesting phenomenon outside my window. The snow is finally melted, with the exception of one white, boulder- sized clump along our front path. I am wondering why that giant snowball is hanging on…and how?!

Last week, the temperature climbed into the 50’s, with one beautiful 60 degree day and the last signs of winter melted away. Yet, today, I looked out my office window to see one giant snowball lying at the end of the sidewalk. It must be in just the right spot with no sunshine and just enough plantings surrounding it to keep it cool…enough to linger on a while longer, and just within my eyesight, so that I’ll see it every time I glance out the window – a cruel reminder that it is still winter. I feel much different now than I did on that beautiful snow day right after Christmas. I'm over winter now.

Meanwhile, the rest of the melted snow has left behind very soggy grounds. My little dog with her undercarriage so close to the ground, is covered in mud after her daily walk. I think it’s time to buy stock in baby wipes, because we must use at least a dozen to clean her body and remove the mud from between her toes each time we come inside. What must she be thinking as I make her stand still for this daily ritual? I’m sure she will be just as thrilled to see summer arrive as I will.

As much as I dislike the month of March, I have to admit that it also brings with it a feeling of hope….a small glimpse of spring appears as the first crocuses peek out from beneath the soil. The days are getting longer and, of course, we set our clocks ahead. Oh how I love daylight savings time! Spring is near and, along with the new growth, I’m also coming back to life. I hibernated through the winter months, writing poetry, cooking, baking and nesting.

It is almost time to awaken to the new life all around me and go outside. I say almost because I still see that one big lonely clump of snow sitting there…hanging on… not wanting to leave…as if to say... "not yet my dear. I’m not done with you yet"!

I’m perplexed by that one hanger on. I’ll let you know how long it lasts.  I think…when it is completely melted…I can mark the official end of winter!

A peaceful, restful day...

After the holidays, I actually welcome winter because I look at it as a way to slow down after the busy season. I enjoy a period of hibernation and there is something comforting about staying inside where it is warm and cozy, looking out at the beauty of the snow-filled landscape. This year, we have had a lot of snow. The day after Christmas, we had at least a foot. It was great pressure to be anywhere! We enjoyed watching the seemingly un-ending snowfall with our chairs next to the flickering fireplace, the scent of cookies baking in the oven, and comfort food warming on the stove...a peaceful, restful day!

(It wasn't until after we took the photo with our neighbor's house in the background that we noticed the deer in her driveway!)

My commercial demo

I thought it would be fun to post one of my acting demo's which shows a few commercials that I've appeared in. The American Furniture spots are just a small sampling of eight years worth of spots I did for them on an on-going basis. I loved that job! I would travel to Madison, WI once a month and we would tape anywhere from four to eight spots in one day which would cycle throughout the month. I was surprised that the job lasted eight years, but delighted. The warm relationships that developed with the client, producer, director, and entire crew, and especially Jackie, the make-up artist were all a blessing to me. I miss them all! The other spots included in this demo were equally fun and I loved working with all of the people involved. I'm very thankful to be able to work at doing something I love!
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