Friday, December 16, 2011


I feel compelled to share this with you!

"The innocence of beauty and purity is sadly becoming a distant memory that is fading fast.  "God is Enthralled By Your Beauty" is a book that will allow you to fall in love with Almighty God and understand a glimpse of how He sees you even in this fallen world of distorted perception."

"Let us triumphantly rise to the occasion
and finally look into the mirror He sees us in".
(Teresa Criswell)

Recently, Debby from Heavenly Humor held a 'giveaway' and I was the fortunate recipient...the gift was a copy of Teresa Criswell's book "God is Enthralled by your Beauty".!

I had already read excerpts from Teresa's book on her blogs, Triumphant Victorious Reminders and God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty, but holding  this little book in my hands as my eyes feast upon her poignant words has blessed me beyond description.  It is really a little book...but it is HUGE in purpose and conveys what every woman (or anyone actually) should know!  It is filled with the richness of God's grace, mercy and un-bridled love.  Teresa speaks truth as she paints a vivid picture of one girls life.  She takes us step by step through a dream about this girl who is tormented by the lie of "unworthiness" and she shows us just how God enters in to expose that lie and show this child how very precious she is in His eyes. 

I've been extremely blessed to read and re-read it and to meditate on the truth of God's word through Teresa's  amazing gift of communication! 

"God desires to deliver us from living the counterfeit and delivers us into the life we were meant to live; the life of authenticity. 
The mandate is to reveal His majestic,
glorious beauty!
(Teresa Criswell)

an excerpt from Chapter 3:

"I cried out 'O God, why is she so drawn to this place of secrecy?  All she has to do is turn one hundred eighty degrees.  If she chose to do this I knew her eyes would be able to see clearly.  She would once again see herself through the eyes of the Father." 

"I watched with joy as I saw her turn with the King and she finally looked into the beautifully adorned mirror.  As she looked she was stunned to see her new image.  Her eyes now filled with freedom!"


Freedom is waiting! 

I'm so grateful for you Teresa and for you Debby!  

Debby, I'm also waiting with great expectation for your book!  What beautiful, talented women you both are! 
I'm delighted and honored to know you and call you friends!
Abundant blessings to you, always!

***(I was not asked to promote Teresa's book, or to mention Debby's up-coming book.  I just adore these talented women and wanted to share them with you)***

p.s...the song you hear playing in the background is by Lindsey Kane...another amazing woman!
This song is so appropriately titled "Measure of Beauty".   If you listen closely to the lyrics, they go perfectly with the title of Teresa's book! Teresa actually met Lindsey one day by chance...while out on errands...struck up a conversation.  When Lindsey learned of Teresa's book, she gave her a few cd's because the lyrics of her song were amazingly fitting!  There are no co-incidences!  God orchestrated a meeting of these two women and is blessing others through them!

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