Thursday, January 20, 2011

But he does eat my chili!

The way to my man's heart is ....


No squash in this soup, darling husband...just a bowl of spicy LOVE! :)

As I said before, he does like my cooking and most of the soups I make...but his favorite is my chili.

He doesn't scrunch up his cute nose or click his heels and run,
 and chili is not even junk...especially this one.

It's my lighter version of a flavorful bowl of spicy goodness!

Chili Con Carné!

1 lb. package lean (or extra lean) ground turkey
(I like extra lean for several reasons, one being I don't have to drain off any fat)
3- 4 cloves fresh garlic, pressed or minced
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 small green pepper, chopped  (optional)
1 (4 oz.) can diced green chile’s (medium)
1 (28 oz.) can fire roasted tomatoes
1 can rotel w/ green chile’s  (original)
2 (14 oz.) cans diced organic tomatoes  (low sodium)
2 (14 oz.) cans black beans, rinsed and drained
1/2  cup white wine (or beer) 
1- 2 tsp. chili powder (according to taste)
2 TBSP. cumin*
Dash of black pepper

  • In  large sauce pot, over medium heat, with approx. 1 – 2 TBSP. olive oil
  • Brown ground turkey. When almost brown, add garlic and green pepper and continue cooking. 
  • When turkey is browned, reduce heat and add wine (or beer), scraping bits from the bottom of pot. (allows for more flavor and the alcohol cooks off). 
  • Add all remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer for at least 20 minutes. Taste and if needed, more cumin or chili powder can be added (I use a generous amount of cumin).  
  • Spoon chili into soup bowls, sprinkle with shredded sharp cheddar or Mexican blend cheese, an optional dab of sour cream and your favorite tortilla chips or bread. ~ enjoy!
Honestly, I make this without measuring and after the meat is cooked and it all simmers for a while, a taste test tells me if I need to add anything. My above list of ingredients is pretty close to what I use, but alterations are according to taste. Same goes for the green chile's...some might like to use mild chile's or even hot.

Our uncle has a favorite saying when making his sloppy joes...."the secret is in the cracker", as he tweaks then dips a small cracker into his concoction to make sure it's just right. I'm in total agreement with that. I love to taste as I go; adding a pinch more of this and a sprinkle more of that.
But I'll leave you with this word of wisdom: 

Too many crackers can spoil dinner  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lovely Day!

"The road to a friend's house is never long."
~ Danish Proverb
* can you spot the deer in my neighbor's driveway? *

 What a lovely day it is!  It's twentish outside, snow is falling, I'm dreaming of spring as a pot of chili simmers on the stove, and I'm thinking about the friends I am fortunate to visit with today without even stepping outside my door!
I'm excited to finally have the time to slow down a bit and pass along a very "lovely" and pretty award!

Just before Christmas, my sweet and talented friend, themomchef gifted me with this:

I'm amazed at the amount of recipes Christiane (themomchef) whips up. The theme of her blog is literally "taking on magazines one recipe at a time"! Not only is she an amazing cook, talented and entertaining writer, but she has an intriguing bio! I know you'll love her too... you, Christiane!  I'm still smiling about the way our paths crossed! ;)

I've been wanting to gift the lovely blog award back to themomchef and pass it on to other lovely bloggers but the holidays caused a brief interruption. As delighted as I was to receive this sweet reward, I am also delighted to gift it to some of the friends I've been blessed with throughout the past year:

  • Here are the rules for accepting this award:
  • Acknowledge and thank the person that gave it to you;
  • Pass it along to fifteen (or so) other bloggers that you like and enjoy;
  • Then let those folks know that you've given them an award.
  • Click on the link and copy and paste this "lovely" award to your blog.

"A joy shared is a joy made double."
~ English Proverb

  • My friend, Amy is an amazing cook and her blog is a delight to the senses. I'm a huge fan and I always look forward to seeing what she is cooking up!  p.s...Happy Birthday Amy!
  • My dear friend Shannon never ceases to amaze me with her ability to design magnificent tablescapes and floral designs as well as gifts and crafts. Her blog has an elegant feel with a vintage romance...beautiful on the inside as well, Shannon is a mom to a precious son with autism, and a daughter who is in college, which she says : "are by and far, my best work" :
  • Elaine at "peace for the journey" inspires! Elaine's testimony through life lessons always encourages and teaches me. She is an amazing, strong woman of God and she currently shares her journey through cancer treatment. Her blog is (in her words) "a shared road for those of us whose hearts gather in one accord to take hold of the one and only God who can be known and who promises his companioned peace for the pilgrimage ahead. Peace isn’t a concept. Peace is a person." Experience more at
  • I just met Kim and love the way she shares daily life and leads the way from "doing to being". Kim is a wife and mother and talented writer an gentle spirit with a creative nature and love for God.
  • Joy at simply bloom has been given the perfect name...She is a joy and I've been so blessed by the words of this beautiful woman.  I'm grateful for the way our paths have intersected.  Beauty; pure beauty is how I describe:
  • Sierra, and "ocean dreamer" is enthralled with the ocean and its mysteries; passionate; a Christ follower; a hopeless romantic; a creative blog filled with dreams, hopes, beauty and depth. I'm so glad I met you, Sierra!
  • Another beauty that I'm grateful to have met is Toyin at "He Lives".  Toyin, you are one of the most talented writers and passionate believers I've met and I'm always inspired by your words. I'm drawn in to each post and intrigued by your daily encounters and adventures! Vistit Toyin at her lovely blog...
  • Don't  you just love this title: "Splashin'Glory"! Not only do I love the title, but the content is a beautiful testimony to God's love and constant presence...Sarah describes her blog as "desiring to bring God's kingdom to earth and learning to hear the heartbeat of heaven." Be sure to splash around at
  • Stacy was diagnosed with Stage IIB Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer and is currently sharing her journey through treatment with the utmost of bravery and faith. But this does not define her. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, mother of 6 (5 are boys); wife; sister; daughter; and friend with a passion for what really matters...God!  She inspires!
  • Janette ~  always brings a smile to my face.  I love her sense of humor as well as her sensitive heart! I delight in her writing style and gain inspiration from her words of encouragement and I'm so glad to have met this beautiful Texas girl!
  • Meridith is sharing her chronicles of a touch and go situation with the birth and fight for survival by her newborn.  Little Immy has shown us God's miracles at work. Immy is a beauty and her mom and dad and are towers of strength and a witness of faith in action
  • You know I love food...and Monet is a wonderful cook and a beautiful writer. She exudes grace and genuine tenderness. Her blog is inspirational and happy
  • More food from ...if anyone can inspire you to cook, chef Dennis can!  His recipes are mouth-watering. He shares not only recipes, but  holds nothing back in reaching out to others, sharing insight into the blogging world with his generous spirit of giving.
  • and my friend, ally, and warrior princess, Jaime:  shares her recipes for food and life with her eloquent words and delightful style. Her love for God is her foundation and her joy is ever present. Bella, you constantly bring goodness and light into my life!
  • The title of this blog says it all...  Still wondering what it is about? ...Joe Rodriguez says: ("This blog isn’t about me…it's about our awesome God!")  Check it out!
  • Another title I love is "a glass of sweet tea"...ahhh, how refreshing....the title as well as the blog.  I just met Karen and I have already seen that her spirit and kindness is also refreshing... Karen shares just how God IS in the miracle'll find her here ...
  • Anne, at is another faithful beauty!  She shares what she "has learned and is learning" on the road God has her on.  Her story is inspirational and has a testimony that "through God all things are possible".
  • Marie, recently diagnosed with CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia shares so openly and honestly. Marie is strength and dignity and humor! She shares her faith beautifully during this challenging time. Please stop by to encourage and be encouraged. Marie, you are a beautiful soul!

I realize that some of you have already received this award and maybe multiple times, so you might not need to grab the button. However, I didn't want that to stop me from sharing you with the world.  I've grown deeply fond of each of you and just wanted you to know it!

I wish I could have given it to even more lovely bloggers, as I'm continuing to meet the most fascinating people on this journey.  I'm encouraged as well as entertained by each of you ~ and  to my foodie friends...every time I visit you, I get inspired... and hungry!  Thank you so much for sharing your talents and gifts with your readers and for making my life a brighter place ~

"I would thank you from the bottom of my heart,
but for you my heart has no bottom"!

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