Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Invisible Fence

After encouraging my short legged, exploratory wiener dog to “walk Abby walk”; “run Abby run”…she finally decides a little exercise wouldn’t hurt and develops her sensory overload sniffing excursion into a mild jog, allowing me to get in a steady walk  (although not brisk)!

We turn the corner and approach the house of a familiar dog who barks incessantly each time we pass by…her squeals would make anyone think she was injured and in pain! She beckons to us as her little heart desires to run freely for a moment of much needed attention - but her memory tells her that if she steps over that boundary of the dreaded invisible fence, she will experience a shock which she would rather not feel.

Her agonizing cries of longing continue as we pass her by (all the time, I talk to her…”it’s o.k. baby – we wish could come and play with you too! It’s o.k.”)

Her excitement suddenly turns to calm as some familiar scent calls out to her and she wanders over to sniff the grounds, still within the parameters of her confines.

I glance back over my shoulder to see that she sits quietly now, resigned to the life she’s destined to on her side of the invisible boundary.

My mind starts connecting the dots to those moments of my own resignations throughout life; when I’ve placed an invisible fence around my heart.

How often do we succumb to resignation when something in the back of our minds (“could it be…satan?”) says... “this is it -- life stinks --  there is no reason to try -- why bother -- just go back to your comfort zone where it’s safe -- the world doesn’t really need your input", etc!  

Yet doesn’t it make your heart feel like yelping - -

 NO, there IS much more life to be experienced beyond this invisible fence”!!! 

If only I could step out side of the comfort zone and grab hold of the freedom which is waiting there... It feels so close, yet so far…

If I try, I might fail - but if I don’t try, I’ll never know! What would be worse?  Then the fear of being shocked and hurt again keeps me locked inside my boundary. I settle into a familiar place where I know I won’t be harmed….RESIGNATION!

Webster says: “Resignation: act of quitting or giving up. The feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen and cannot be changed."
“We accepted the news with resignation."  "A sigh of resignation.

I define it as a lack of desire; or a desire stifled by a voice (a voice warring to steal our hearts from God) which daunts:

“You can’t!
You never will!
You’re not good enough!" 

But….Guess what?!  
T h e   v o i c e   i s   a   L i e !

Do not sigh…
Rise up from your slumber and try!
You were created for a special glory,
Keep your head up high!

There is a place for you…
No-one else can fill,
A place of belonging - within God’s will,
To do…
What He created you to do…
A place that sets you free,
To be...
What He created you to be!

So don't resign...
Get up and live!
You’ve been designed…
With a gift to give!
Don’t doubt…believe!
Don’t sit…retrieve!

The fence is invisible,
It can’t keep you bound…
The lie is inadmissible
There is glory to be found…
Grab hold -- of Him -- and live!

(written by Lorraine Brown, copyright 2011)


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