Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I sat in stillness under the sweet summer sky; head tilted back, eyes fixed upward. A gentle breeze was orchestrating a display on the canvas above and around me, forming shapes out of cottony clouds, continually taking on new meaning like pieces of a puzzle moving in and out of place.

It was as if God was saying:

"Linger for awhile my child; be silent;

~ remain in me ~

~ remain ~

and I will paint a panorama just for you."

As the shape of two clouds slowly dissolved, a new cloud attached itself to make yet another creation. My eyes locked in on what appeared to become two large outstretched wings, like an eagle with a thicker, perfectly round cloud forming its head. I watched closely as it hovered above me, seemingly watching over me as I gazed back. It wasn't long before this specimen began to drift off and break apart. As it diminished, another puff of white moved in, connecting to the last remnant of  broken wing and a new shape was formed. That one broken wing began to take on the shape of an arm, a wisp of air thinning its end just enough to create separations which resembled an out-stretched hand.

As I re-lived this childhood past-time of naming shapes in the clouds, I said God you speak in such creative ways!  I’ve been still enough this day to be entertained by this ever-changing puzzle in the sky. You’ve removed and replaced pieces of this puzzle, changing its image as you’ve surrounded me with the peace of your presence and the joy of your creativity…just as you’ve done with my life.

Now I sense you are telling me that although I sometimes feel like I’m hindered by a broken wing, unable to fly, you’ll replace my brokenness, and with your outstretched arm, you’ll set me free….free to see and to hear and to embrace your transforming power.

You continue to transform the shapes in the clouds, as you continue to transform my heart into the shape you meant for it to be.

You’ll carry me when I'm weary

I'll glide on the shapes of the clouds as you renew my strength; replacing my broken wings with new wings and... together we will soar like an eagle across the expanse of the open sky!

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”.
(Isaiah 40:31)

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