Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reflections ~

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?!

As I begin to settle in to Autumn, I reflect on a light hearted summer!
During the summer months, I was on a writing frenzy! One of the things I love to do is sit on the patio, enjoying a summer breeze as I become inspired by nature surrounding me….and write, write, write!

Back in July, I received such an honor from Highland Park Poetry, when my poem, “Cheaters” was awarded first place in their “Funniest Poetry Contest”! I was thrilled to see (no pun intended) that my poem about the dreaded need for reading glasses had amused so many (and some who are obviously dealing with the same issues in life that I am)! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone! :)

From there, we (the winners) were invited to appear on a local television program “Poetry Today”, where we shared our poems and discussed our love for writing.

In August, I received another honor and was once again dancing with delight when I was notified that my poem “What my momma said” was one of the winning poems in the Chicago Poetry Contest and was going to be published in the noteworthy “Cram 9” Poetry Journal ~  (Cram evolved from live poetry “cram sessions” and became a fast growing journal which has turned into one of the most desirable places in which to be published). This is now it’s ninth season...and cram’s ninth edition…thus the name, “Cram 9, Poetry in the First!" We were all invited to attend a celebration and a live reading of our poetry at their August release party!

This year’s journal was even more personal for me because the cover of the journal shows a little girl pondering her reflection in a mirror! It just seemed so appropriate that my poem “What my momma said” be included in this year’s journal. It felt like more than a coincidence to me!

As I reflect on the words of my mother and echo her instruction, I look forward to more personal discoveries… not only through my writing, but also as I continue to examine the core of my being and strive to mirror the essence of character my momma so beautifully modeled! ~

What my momma said                     

 written by Lorraine Brown © 2006

Pretty is as pretty does is what she always said,
Don’t ignore me; listen to me,
One day you’ll be glad you did.

What’s inside your heart is what will shine right thru your eyes,

If it’s truth you tell I’ll know it, but I’ll also know if it’s a lie.
So keep in mind that though you may have secrets to keep,
What’s inside can’t always hide no matter how dark or deep.

Pretty’s on the inside darlin’ - it’s where it all begins,
Not lipstick or a pretty dress; not sparkles or sequins,
Your future lies in choices; it all depends on you,
You can choose what’s right or do what’s wrong,
The consequence you can’t un-do.

If beauty lies within your heart then beauty we will see,
Attitudes and actions show the world what lies beneath.
It’s what you do and what you say,
It’s how you laugh and how you play,
It’s how you live, its how you love,
It’s how you treat the world today.

Pretty is as pretty does is what she always said,
I didn’t know how glad I’d be that I listened to her then,
And even though her voice is just a memory in my mind,
It speaks so clearly to me still, so soft and sweet and kind.

Every day she showed me just what pretty does,
‘Cuz pretty is as pretty does is what SHE always was!

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