Friday, March 23, 2012

ABBY ...


                      QUITE  THE  POSER...

Photo by Nicole Marie @ Nicole Marie Photography

This is just one of the photos from Abby's recent photo shoot...oh, yes...she's a model now!  A super model as far as I'm concerned.  She was so good as our super talented photographer friend Nicole snapped away all afternoon. I'm told there are plenty more pics coming soon, but for now these captured our hearts.  If you notice in the pic above, I was trying to match her to our little pillow behind her!  The necklace she is wearing actually belonged to my mom! Who would have guessed it would fit our little tweeny doxie pup!  Well, she's not actually a pup can see by the white around her nose and toes which used to be all tan. She'll be ten in April! 
She's a great companion and so patient...obviously! ;)

photo by Nicole Marie @ Nicole Marie Photography

She Waits  
when I walk in the door, 

she greets me

with un-ending  kisses 

like a long lost love... 
she showers me

with more adoration

than I deserve…

when I shed a tear

she wipes it away

with a soft, knowing kiss of compassion…

she comforts my soul

as she teaches me

what love should be!

she wants one thing…

she wants me!

she stays by my side every moment of the day, 
as I seem to forget my companion's plea,

with her sweet love tap on my knee,

can we play?!  oh please, can we play?!

I reply, "not yet but pretty soon",

as she resigns...

with her head on my lap
photo by Nicole Marie @ Nicole Marie Photography
she takes me at my word,

hope reflected in her eyes...

a little sigh now and then

to remind me  
my best friend waits by my side.  

(written by Lorraine Brown © 2011)


You can find more pics of Abby, along with other adorable animals and pets and more incredible photos on Nicole's  blog:    

And we'll be adding a few more tricks to Abby's routine.  Just click here  if you want to see Abby's show.

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