Friday, October 8, 2010

TOP THIS~ a worthy cause!

"You probably know someone who has had breast cancer. The disease will strike one in eight women. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are sharing inspiring stories of local survivors. First, we meet one Austin survivor who just opened a one of a kind salon, Top This, in North Austin that caters to cancer patients." (from

“I kept thinking we need to have one place where men and women can come in and get all their services done at one time,” Bernacky said.

Above are excerpts from a news article about my dear friend Samantha.
Also, please click on the link below to see her amazing story and new business serving breast cancer patients! 

Some of you know about her story as you were faithful to join me in prayer on her behalf as she experienced the shocking diagnosis and treatment for stage two breast cancer. We watched in amazement as she attacked it head on with unwavering courage and faith. She never ceases to amaze me. She is one of the busiest people I know! She owns and runs a demanding but successful business; lives on and runs a beautiful ranch with her husband and son; and now add to her “bucket list”…. beat breast cancer and using the experience to help others!

Samantha is an idea person....but the difference between Sam and many others is that she puts her ideas into action!

"For Samantha, during chemo, three surgeries and 33 treatments of radiation, she found it nearly impossible to find time between work, family and all those treatments to take care of how she felt on the outside. So, she took matters into her own hands and opened Top This less than a month ago."

Top This offers everything from wigs and massages to hair replacement and skin therapy to caps and turbans, all to help people with the pervasive disease, feel good about themselves.

It’s a salon that offers help, hope, hair and happiness."

While going through treatments Samantha thought about how God might use this experience in her life to help others who are going through treatment. She immediately decided to open yet another business so that she could help others dealing with breast cancer. I admire my dear friend and applaud her for being a beautiful person inside and out and for using something like this as an opportunity to do something wonderful for others. She repeated to me in our frequent conversations that she believed her cancer to be a gift from God….and now she needed to find a way to use this gift for His glory….well, take a look at how she is doing just that!

Here is a link from her local t.v. news channel doing a feature on her new business (ministry actually), “Top This”….
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