Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow! I haven't posted anything for a few days...haven't even cooked anything.
We've been having storms here...summer storms...wild winds, lightning, heavy rain...and power outages! I've been waiting for months...all winter...long winter... cold winter...for summer to arrive! I refuse to complain now! Today, it looks as if nothing ever happened, with blue skies, sunshine, low humidity and comfy temps!
This is what I've been waiting for!!! Oh, sweet summer, please stay!!!!!!!

Awakening to a new season of hope,
Pushing up through the clouds into the light,
Passing through the shadows,
Where life is warm and bright.

Happy to break free from winter's grip on me,
Spring returning to my step,
Warmer weather is the key!
Seasons come and go,
Sunshine melts away the snow,
Winter ends and I'm finally set free!

Bright and sunny days replace the gloom,
Open windows softly bring...
Fresh warm breezes to the room,
Angelic birds begin to sing,
Buds of flowers now in bloom!

Sun kissed faces glow,
Eyes twinkle from the light,
And balmy summer breezes warm the night -
To my delight -
No other season makes me feel so right!

Life takes over me - A sudden burst of energy,
I feel like dancing- my spirit's been set free,
What a difference, A brand new me!
This is how I want to be...
All year through -- Summer suits me to a T!
Gotta keep summer inside of me!!

(written by Lorraine Brown/copyright 03/01/07)

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