Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a little longer?


 Can you spot the bumble bee and the little fly coming in for a landing?


My favorite season

is quickly coming to an end....   



Yet I cling to it...

hoping to make it stay around

a little longer

Daylight is Diminishing


And a chill is in the air

making me crave comfort foods

and apple pie!

But oh, not yet...please...

I just got used to the heat!

  And...I haven't even used up my little tube of sunscreen! 

I want more

bike rides along

the lakefront...

And visits to the farm

with my best four legged friend... 


 Corn on the Cob



made from

fresh garden veggies...



Refreshment by the stream...

Walks in the park...

Summer fountains...

 Gazing upward

as the moon hangs out with the clouds...







Since Labor Day, front doors in the

neighborhood have been adorned with

autumn wreaths; friends are sharing recipes

for pumpkin cookies and fall mums have

been on display in the markets.

But I just don't feel ready...

And my flowers are still in full bloom!

Oh...Please...don't rush me!!! 


Is anyone else sad that summer comes

 so late and leaves so early?  

 Or is it just me?                         

I'll miss you summer!  I'll miss eating

outdoors in the warmth and sunshine...

open windows ushering in balmy breezes... 

the freshness of the morning dew and 

the aroma of orange blossoms...

the beautiful song

of cardinals

and chickadees

Evenings of cool refreshment

The sound of the owl's call and the crickets

night time serenade... a steady morning

wake up call from the baby wren nested

nearby...the sweet smell of honeysuckle...

The feeling of freedom...

The kind of freedom that makes you feel like

dancing like nobody's watching! 

And Sunsets! 





(I'm so thankful that sunsets are year round!)

I did recently say to some friends that I'm

trying to embrace the changing seasons so

that I won't miss out on the beauty of the

moment.  Just as I rush out at sunset to see

what the master artist paints for us each

evening, I will also revel in the full spectrum

of autumn color coming our way very soon.

I will embrace each new season...when it's

time...but...for now...until the calendar

says it's autumn...

I'd like

to stay 






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