Sunday, September 12, 2010

Annie's Shadow

I'm thinking of my dear mother today, on her birthday....this would have been her 86th!  Hard to believe she's been gone for six years doesn't feel like that long ago.  She was taken home to be with the Lord on Christmas Eve, 2004 ~ a bittersweet remembrance!  On one hand, it makes Christmas's a bit more unique when I gather with my family and the presence of each of my parents is missed ...add to it the vivid memory of my mom's last breath which remains etched in my mind and deep within my heart.  Yet, there is something extremely powerful about her going home to heaven on Christ's if she had a personal invitation to the party!  I could imagine the angels, greeting her as she entered heaven's door and the  inexplicable joy she experienced  when she saw the face of God!  Despite our bittersweet remembrance, I am certain I will see her again! I'll see my wonderful dad as well....and all those who went before me!  It doesn't make me miss them any less, however.

I feel very fortunate to have had a beautiful relationship with my parents...and my mother was not only a great role model for me, but also a friend, encourager, comforter, and my personal hero! As a child, like "Mary's little lamb", I would follow her everywhere...always by her side. We'd go "visiting" on a regular basis. She had seven brothers and she was the youngest of eight...the only girl. Imagine that!  She said she was very happy to finally have another female in her life...but I wonder if she ever tired of my attachment to her hip?!  As we would make our regular visits to one of her seven brother's homes, they would see us approaching and say..."here comes Annie and her shadow!"  :)  It's o.k... there is no-one I'd rather be the shadow of!  Her fun sense of humor never failed to amuse us...laughter filled our home...and I still feel her positive influence daily! She taught me so much...and I feel her teaching me her presence remains in my heart!  So...Happy Birthday to my mom who's spirit lives on!

Annie's Shadow

They called me Annie's Shadow,
As I clung to her so tight,
And glued myself right to her hip,
So she wouldn't leave my sight,

The love she gave was without measure,
A wellspring...a priceless treasure!
Loving memories will never fade...never escape my mind...
So much of her will always by right here by my side!

Yes, they called me Annie's shadow,
As I clung to her so tight,
I miss her more than words can possibly describe,
Though she's no longer here to touch or see,
Her spirit lingers vibrantly!

The legacy she leaves behind,
Is one of kindness and delight,
She loved the life she lived,
And she lived it right!

So when I see a shadow,
Dancing in the wind,
I remember Annie's spirit,
And the joyful life she lived!

Yes, they called me Annie's shadow,
As I clung to her so tight,
No regrets, no need to blush,
I wear the name with pride!

(written by Lorraine  Brown, copyright 2008)
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