Sunday, April 10, 2011


April is National Poetry Month

 Not only was it a thrill to hear that my poem,

"Looking Back at Me"

was awarded first place in the Highland Park poetry challenge, but also to hear that during the month of April, it would be displayed in the storefront of a
super cool new boutique...

"So Shee"

Last friday, April fool's day, I was invited to join the other winners in reading my poem for the poetry reading group. After confirming that this was not an April fool's joke, I humbly accepted the honor and privately danced like nobody could see! 

We then had an open mic in which all participants could share up to six of their poems with the crowd.  Jennifer Dotson organizes this wonderful group of poets. She is an award winning poet and an amazingly talented writer.  It has been an honor and a delight to get to know her as well as the other accomplished writers! 

Here I am with Michelle Burden 
in front of her fabulous boutique,
So Shee 

And here is my poem
displayed in Michelle's storefront...

There was even greater meaning to this entire experience,

as this poem was inspired by an actual conversation I had with my brother. After we said goodbye, I immediately sat down and wrote this poem.

When I saw "Looking Back At Me" in Michelle's window, there was just enough of a reflection from the sun to cause quite a bit of interference with the photos....but,

 the reflection was a gift ...

because at that moment, I stood reading my poem

 with my own reflection looking back at me...

and once again I saw my mom!

I thought about the impact that my parents made on my brother and I and I quietly said, is for you!

I was blessed big time!!!

May we all reflect on the memories we hold dear and cherish the many ways they speak to our deepest hearts!

Happy National Poetry Month!


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