Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here's The Scoop!

I have the "inside scoop" 

and you can have it too!

Think about how many "self help" books exist in our culture...Do any of them really hold the answer to that deepest question which swells within us?

Well, the book I'm holding in my hand is not a self help book.  It is a delightful devotional filled with humor and real life experiences that we can all relate to on some level.  Debby Erdmann's book is a humorous yet poignant look at life. She gives us a glimpse into some of her own episodes, sharing tidbits of wisdom. I giggled through the chapters and I dog eared many pages along the way!  She's real...she's honest...she's witty...she's wise...and she's passionate about people.  Her love for people and for God are lived out through the pages of her own journey as she shares the immeasurable value gained from a life with God and the lessons learned...some sweet..some challenging...some funny...but all profound...from inside her heart which was opened wide to receive the fullness of the love of God and share it with others! 

So here's the scoop...

Simply leave a comment to be eligible to win
an autographed copy of this delightful book...

The winner will be announced on Friday,

 June 15th!



For a closer look and for ordering information for
 "The Inside Scoop on God"  
you can visit
and click on the tab for books at the top.


(Debby's blog, Heavenly Humor  is also a delight...
When I first visited, I thought..."I want to know her"!)

Don't forget to check back to see if "The Inside Scoop on God" is yours! :)

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