Friday, October 29, 2010


Five p.m.
Friday afternoon...October nearing it’s end...I sit gazing out my window at Technicolor tree-tops in the autumn sky! This year, autumn in the Midwest has been warmer than usual. Gifted with summer-like temps combined with the beauty of the fall landscape, I suddenly love this season!

Often, people say how much they love autumn because of the beauty it brings. Of course, I don’t disagree, but I usually feel sad when summer draws to a close and fall enters in with its shorter days and nippy nights. It’s such a short lived season and I know what is coming next! I’m not a fan of cold weather and empty branches, and when the crisp colorful treetops become bare, I feel like climbing up a giant ladder and pasting the leaves back on! But this year I feel more joyful...can it be that I'm seeing things with a better attitude these days? Or is it just the weather?! :)

As I marvel at the beauty of the surrounding landscape, I ask myself..."why am I sitting here pining for Indian Summer to linger, while neighbors jog by and children play in shirtsleeves!"  
I feel the need to get up and get out there and enjoy every moment… join the others who bask in warm sunshine and robin’s song under autumn skies! but first...

Sounds like spring
It looks like Autumn, sounds like spring,
Love to hear the robins sing,                                                            
Outside my window leaves are fallin’          
All day long the red breast callin’!

Clear October skies,
Ruby treetops way up high,
Squirrels hiding acorns, storing food
And summer breezes kiss our skin like June …
Beneath the harvest moon!

Cornstalks, pumpkins, bales of hay,
Dressed up scarecrows on display,
This autumn day...

Sunshine sparkles on bronze trees,
Neighbors visit in shirt sleeves,
Children tumble in piles of leaves!

Looks like autumn, Feels like summer….
This year’s fall…a different drummer!
Leaves in gutters not a problem…
No rain yet - a warm, dry autumn!

Laughter echoes through our town,
Accompanied by a springtime sound…
Love to hear the robins sing…
All day long,
As if it’s spring!

(written by Lorraine Brown, copyright 2010)   


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