Thursday, May 17, 2012

The air is so fresh and sweet today!

We're enjoying the May temperatures;
 flowers in full bloom all around us;
and the vibrancy of the colors, especially the way the sun shines upon the newly cut green lawn!
We are spending time on the patio, in the parks and family barbeques.  The kids are collecting a few grass stains as they play touch football and the dog seems to be smiling, as she springs into the air to catch the frisbee! 

Of course there are a few negatives...
it's bug season again!

Fly’s  Last  Supper! 

Fly swatter in hand he sits

Jumping up with each buzz,

Head spinning, arms flailing in fits,

Then down again to wait…

It’s o.k. I’ve set a good bait!

Come on back,

Grab a snack,

I’ll give you a good whack!

I don’t have anywhere to go,


Keep taunting me,

You’ll be history!

Careful who you mess with,

I’ve been around the block,

I’ll fix your clock!

Fast little bugger…

Landing on one window then another,

Zipping by from light to light!

Trying to sneak up on me and take a bite?!

Come on in for a landing….It’s alright,

I’ll be your last supper…


Nighty night!!!

poem written by Lorraine Brown (c) 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More to remember

Occasionally, my dad's birthday would land on Mother's Day...

Which makes this Mother's Day even more special...

I miss him so...

but he and my mom both live on in the little things I do and say...
their mannerisms, voices, features...

his strength and determination, his love of nature & creativity,
and some say...

his eyes ~
Daddy's little girl

Although my mother is no longer on this earth,
I feel her love imprinted on my heart,

Dad and Mom ~ young love
her words still speak softly
to my soul,  
her grace and unconditional love,
forgiveness and friendship endure;                    
her humor lives on;
I can almost hear her laughter
and many times
I think I hear her voice...
She still holds my heart...


(I wanted to re-post this tribute to mom,
but thought I'd just link it up here)

All the more special this Mother's Day is.
All the more reason to celebrate
  two loving parents...both gifts from God. 


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