Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I was so inspired today by my friend Janette's post that I wanted to share it with you.

She shared a link to a music project around the world where pianos are on display, adorned with artwork and placed randomly throughout cities and countries...
calling people to sit and play...
the project name:


You will find Janette's link just below my poem...along with the link to "Play Me I'm Yours"

She had commented to me that she wished I could have been there to enjoy the creativity of this wonderful music project and perhaps I would have been moved to write a poem about it. 

Janette...the images of your family playing the pianos all over the city, and photos of others around the world were beautiful. 

I could imagine the music reaching toward heaven from every corner of the earth...giving praise!  You inspired me to write this poem!  ...

Music In The Air                    
(written by Lorraine Brown copyright 2011)

A melody like a gentle breeze

Whispering softly in my ear

I hear…

The magic of the keys

A distant sound of harmony…

But where?

A sudden change of plans this day,

My steps are turned a different way…

On a quest to find the music in the air;

Running toward the tempo 

The crescendo leads me there…

Then I see…

In parks and markets,

On bridges and ferries,

Roadsides and city streets,

Pianos adorned and calling my name,

Come play the ivories... come play!

Like sounds of heaven on earth,

In concert

The world unified,

Reaching out, reaching up, far and wide!

Let creation resonate

In harmony with God...

Sing in praise to heaven with your gifts,

Reach the world with the beauty from your fingertips!

Song in motion rings

Every nation sings

Echoing in concert  everywhere…

Sharing in the splendor of


- - - - -

I hope you have a minute to view Janette's post and be inspired to use your own creative gifts!

"Play Me I'm Yours in New York was described by the press as the latest major artwork since The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude and The Waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson." 

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