Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Fun Filled Friday

Where has the week gone?! Regardless of life's hectic pace, I can't let today go by without posting something fun. I'll stay with the Rwop theme for now. A while back, Paula Deen asked us to come up with a "video with a twist" many of you know, the "Real Women of Philadelphia" cooking contest required a weekly video of us creating our cream cheese recipes. This particular request was for a video without cooking...maybe mentioning how this contest has affected us, etc. Well, I'll just post my video and you can see that by the time I made this one, I was quite "affected" !!! :) Enjoy!

Video with a Twist!


Unknown said...

What a cute video, Lorraine!

We have a wiener dog too only he is not talented like Abby! lol We got hi when he was about 3 or so and he's now 13 or so. He loves to sleep, eat and loves his Giggle ball which I see you have one for Abby too. The best ball ever for the tough little wiener dogs, huh? :)

I don't think I have seen one of your cooking videos yet so I will be sure to check them out. You are adorable. It is easy to see that you do acting & voice over work!

Big hugs,

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks Deanna,
Aren't doxies the best?! I've had them ever since I was a kid. I got hooked! Abby is the first "tweenie" I've had. The other's were mini's...Yes, they are tough...but Abby is also the most submissive and loveable dog I've known yet. Thanks for the encouragement..I posted my silly video's on here! :)

Helen said...

Aww you guys are so cute! Great video :)

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks Helen...I liked being her co-star :)!!
She is so much fun!

Julie said...

That was hysterical! I really needed a good laugh! I loved watching you do the twist! I laughed so hard! Ever thought of becoming a comedian! You really are funny! Love you!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Love you too Julie! No, never thought about beicoming a comedian...but glad it made you laugh! :) Greg just thinks I'm nuts! :)

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