Friday, December 17, 2010

The Message of the Lost Keys

Recently, I've been noticing frequent themes in some of my day to day occurrences.  For example, seeing a sunset which resembled a flag in the sky on Veteran's Day!  Some may call it co-incidence...but I don't believe in co-incidence.  It seems the more alive I am...the more awake, observant, aware of my surroundings, the more I seem to notice moments which are weaved together with significant messages.  For most recent theme was the message of the lost keys!  

It was a foggy afternoon; nearing the dinner hour. Despite my hunger pangs, I felt the need to make just one more stop and scope out the big sale at a small department store in town. After scouring the store, hoping to find a frugalista kind of deal to no avail, I then spotted two hat trees and tried on every hat until the perfect little cap appeared. Alas, I would not leave this super sale empty handed!

While at the checkout, it dawned on me that my entire set of keys was no longer with me! With panic in my voice, I exclaimed to the clerk that I’d lost my keys. She very calmly advised me to re-trace my steps and I’d be sure to find them. Thankful that the store wasn’t very large, I did just that…but no keys! I looked beneath and in between the clothing racks, checked the shoe displays, the sunglass towers, on top of and underneath every display and still could not find my keys.

I began thinking about what I could do if they did not appear, like call my neighbor to pick me up; then it dawned on me…not only were my car keys on that ring, but my house keys also! When I mentioned this to the clerk, she said “Oh, no, you can’t even go home!” “Right” I said. “I can’t go home!”  Without my keys, I was stuck there with nowhere to go! All sense of calm was now gone along with my keys and I was becoming more frantic by the minute.

I enlisted the help of other concerned shoppers; the clerk was scouring every inch of the store with her focus on the floor as I shook the hat tree hoping I had left them under one of the hats I’d tried on.

Trying to regain my composure, I asked for God's help..."God, please calm me...God, please help me find my keys!"

Suddenly, I recalled that I had looked at a large bowl on display. I walked back to the bowl, and there on the glass shelf, next to it was my entire set of keys! “Yes! Thank you Lord”! I exclaimed, drawing the attention of a few inquisitive patrons!  The shopper and clerk raced over to see where I found them and together, we walked to the front of the store. With a deep sigh, I profoundly thanked them for their help and said "I really need to go home...and I'm so happy I can now!"

In a silent moment between me and God, I thanked Him for His presence and asked forgiveness for my panic. I admit I was slightly amused and very delighted that the moment I said "help me God", the keys appeared.   :)

~Co-incidence? If you believe in coincidence…I don’t.~

The very next day, I was reading in a beautiful little book, “His Princess, Love letters from your King", given to me by a precious friend.  Here is what the message for that day said: 

“My Princess, Freedom is a Choice”

I long to give you the keys to be free from the
 things that bind you and see you break through to a blessed life in Me.
But your freedom is a choice…your choice.
You can be totally free in Me or try to set yourself free. I promise, my princess, I am the only one who can give you the life giving keys you need and want. The keys are hidden in My word, empowered by your prayer, and completed by the work of my Holy Spirit living in you. Choose the way, my love…choose life.

Your King and your freedom”

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”  John 8:36

~ ~

~ Co-incidence? If you believe in co-incidence! I don’t! ~

~ ~

How grateful I am that I found my keys…
Because without the keys we cannot go home!


Unknown said...

Greetings! I followed your name over from Mangiabella's beautiful parable by Max Lucado. Your words resonated so I thought I would see more of you through your blog. I love this post about your keys and how in that moment of reliance upon Him, you found them.

Anyhow, very cool to see that you were involved with the Bears. I spent most of my life living up there in the frigid north, loving my Bears and still consider Mike Singletary to be my hero to the point where I pull for the 49ers too.

Anyway, it's good to have found you!

mangiabella said...

ahhhh...can you feel me smiling....oh bella, bella bella bella, our friendship has been forged by the hand of God, and I haven't been the same since! First, I am the queen of losing track of my keys...sigh....just ask my husband, although I've been much better this last year or two...haha...second, frugalista??? you are so hilarious! I think that is going to be my new word!!! third, the princess book....double sigh....the keys....the parallels....His word coming coming ALIVE....thank you FATHER!

Unknown said...

Hope you don't mind another note, but I've sent an award your way, which you can find on my latest post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

Toyin O. said...

That was awesome Lorraine; praise God for the salvation and freedom key we find in Jesus. So glad you found your actual key and more importantly, your spiritual key. There are certainly no Co-incidences with God. Everything in our life happens for a reason. I just also want to thank you for visiting me and your gracious comment as always. Have a lovely Christmas:)

Chef Dennis Littley said...

what a great story....and you are 100 percent right, there are no co incidences, things happen because they are supposed to, sometimes we don't see or understand and the time passes...but when we are lucky enough to actually listen and look, things do fall into place so much easier.
Co incidence, no..part of his plan...yes
thanks for sharing your story with us!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So thankful for the keys that set me free...

We must keep to our seeking! They are there, waiting to be found in God's Word and heart. May I always be found looking for his treasures rather than taking them for granted.

Merry Christmas. Have a blessed Advent walk!


Amy said...

Oh Lorraine, just love your post and your message. Just like you, I don't believe in co-incidence! I believe God has his plans, for all of us. :) My 82 yr old Grandmother just accepted God 2 days ago! I'm so happy she finally did and it's the best Christmas gift, ever! Now, we can all "go home" and meet again at the end. Thanks for sharing your experience. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Power Up Love said...

"The keys are hidden in My word, empowered by your prayer, and completed by the work of my Holy Spirit living in you."

I always try to remember to thank God when I lose my keys. Because I can't help but to think that his grace and mercy in losing my keys could be saving me from getting into my car and getting into an accident. I'll usually then say a quick prayer and ask him, "Is someone you need me to talk to? Show me lord open my eyes and heart".

I know God places us in the right place at the right time. God is delaying us for his good...

A multi-dimensional life said...

PowerupLove, that is so true...I've often thought when I turn back into the house to grab something and that puts me on the road later than I planned! There is more to this little episode of the keys ... God used this delay in a significant way! :)

Mari said...

Great post! I have the His princess devotional too and love it! Check out this song on youtube "Shake yourself loose" It's about freedom and Jesus having the keys. Be blessed. Mari

Mari said...

Hey, me again...tried to reply to your comment, but couldn't so I am leaving the message here. My friend just did a post about "moping" and used Shake Yourself Loose...thought you'd like it. I'm sure you and I could have some kind of dance party. Shakin' loose too, Mari
Here's the link

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